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FMS eNews 03/08/13

Hello again
We didn't get a flaming June but we sure got a flaming July!  Now the schoolchildren are on holiday, here's hoping some decent weather remains for them to enjoy. I hope that those of you with children will enjoy their company and not find the holidays too tiring.

WORDz for the WEEK

129. Maybe, in the end, we'll find out that everything mattered.  And we wasted our life thinking nothing mattered.


From Adrienne Dellwo, your Guide to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adrienne Dellwo
Did you know your medications could make you sensitive to the sun? Mine have. See what common FMS & ME/CFS meds can give you photosensitivity, below.
Also this week, signs of real progress in acceptance for fibromyalgia, and some things to think about now that back-to-school season has crept up on us.
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Take care of yourself!


Sleep is one of the foundations of good health, and yet it's pretty poorly understood in chronic fatigue syndrome. See two reasons some researchers are now recommending routing sleep studies for people who have or may have ME/CFS, below.
Also this week, why some studies looking at exercise in ME/CFS may be flawed, and new findings about acupuncture at fibromyalgia tender points.
Some seasonal information is down in Featured Articles.
Take care of yourself!

The Big Knit

Most readers will be aware of how passionate I am about the therapeutic benefits of knitting.  If you enjoy knitting too you may like to help a good cause.  Innocents Smoothies are sponsoring AgeUK by donating 25p for every bottle hat knitted. They don't take long to make!  

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An opportunity to participate in Fibro research

Anna Maria Volkmann, a PhD candidate at University College London currently finishing up her thesis (Title: Making Meaning of Contested Illness: Medical Uncertainty and Fibromyalgia Syndrome) and is looking for participants to take part in her survey/research.  
The purpose of the study is to gain a better understanding of how patients experience and deal with their illness. They are interested in how certain beliefs and attitudes shape the experience of Fibromyalgia in individual patients, and how a patient’s view of him or herself may be influenced by this chronic condition. They are also keen to find out how the use of social networking sites (such as Facebook) affects patients’ overall illness experiences and wellbeing. It is not a difficult task, and should only take about 20-40 minutes.
The participant information document and sign-up sheet can be found here

This is somewhat urgent so don't delay!


Nerve Stimulation Might Ease Fibromyalgia Pain

Small early study saw improvement in patients' quality of life


FM Health Check questionnaire


9 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue 


Pati Chandler on Facebook

Pati Chandler
She says "It occurs to me that many of you aren't on facebook, and don't get the benefit of many of the posts I put on my page. I usually put 2 or 3 per day - every day."  Become her friend on Facebook and receive her messages.
Pati is a prolific writer about Fibromyalgia.  Her book "Managing Fibromyalgia"is availabe, as well as much other infomation, on her website


Test For Fibromyalgia Within Sight: Only A Blood Sample Required

To detect the presence of fibromyalgia in blood-spot samples collected from patients, the scientists used infrared microspectroscopy, a technology that can recognize molecular bonds as they are struck by light. Molecules within the blood samples, then, could be identified as they appeared within the infrared spectrum.

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