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FMS eNews 25/04/13

Hello again
Here we are, earlier than usual this week, as promised.  There’s not quite so much this week as time was limited and the same may be true next week, but I will do my best to produce something for you, even if a little limited.



116.  If you love life, Life will love you back.


Chronic Pain Management: Improve Your Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in the daily experience of people with chronic pain.  Of course, research (and probably your own experience) has demonstrated that pain can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. In a study involving people with fibromyalgia, Dr. Nancy Hamilton and her colleagues reported a complex set of  findings in which poor sleep had a cumulative effect on negative emotions and interfered with emotional recovery on days in which the person experienced a high number of stressful, negative events. In a study conducted by  Felix Naughton and his colleagues, poor sleep quality tended to make people feel more depressed and tended to make their pain feel worse.


Sleep Well - Snooze Better Tonight
The steps you take during the day can help you get a better night of slumber and sweet dreams.
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Fibromyalgia on its own is exhausting. See what else
could be adding to your fatigue. Plus, ways to fight it.
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Having a difficult time explaining fibromyalgia? Here are the basics.
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Regular, low-intensity exercise, like walking or warm-water exercise, can help fight fibro.
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Are you paying wholesale or (gasp!) retail at your doctor's office?
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Pain is most often categorized by the kind of damage that causes it.
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Daily exercise, even light, could help you have better quality ZZZs.
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Drivers with untreated sleep apnea could be hazardous behind the wheel.
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Playing a certain type of sound while you sleep might help improve your memory.
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New class of sleep meds helps with rest without causing grogginess the next day.
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Best and Worst Foods for Sleep - What to eat before bed

By Amanda Gardner

From early birds to night owls, we all can agree that when we finally lay our heads on the pillow we’d like to actually go to sleep, thank you.

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Shoo Pain, Don't Bother Me - Top 10 Nutrients to Take Back Your Life

What do people who live with chronic musculoskeletal discomfort want most? Freedom.

Many people experience all-over aching and stiffness on waking in the morning, which may continue throughout the day with a variety of stabbing, burning or throbbing sensations, and unfortunately does not end at night but rather may even intensify, preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep.

That’s why Rich Carson, founder of ProHealth, Inc., set out to develop an all-natural product that would provide complete muscle, tissue, and joint support. The result was Fibro Freedom.™


What is ME/CFS? And how does it relate to:

Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Myalgic Encephalopathy
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome?



Our mission is to educate, empower and advocate for those individuals whose lives have changed due to chronic and/or intractable pain.

We strive to educate society that chronic pain may be a life-long problem. Our goal is to raise public and professional awareness for those who are unfamiliar with chronic pain about the factors that often result in having chronic pain and the need for ongoing medical care and research for new methods/medications for the treatment of chronic pain.


Scientific Research - Class IV Laser Therapy, Part 2

In part 1 of this article, the author discussed the technical profile of class IV laser therapy and introduced ideas for incorporating this technology into the chiropractic clinic. In part 2, clinical applications for class IV laser therapy will be discussed along with their proposed mechanisms of action. Two case studies will be presented.


Hi, I am Debbie's husband, Dwain.

Some of you have asked how I, as the spouse of a person with Fibro copes with it all. I think its because I am very patient with regard to my wife. I am also the type of person who keeps comments to myself, MOST of the time. I am human too so I will vent but I usually control it. The only piece of advice my father-in-law gave me the day we were married was "make no assumptions." That has been a valuable piece of advice. Another thing about me is that I am not judgemental about what other people do, say, like, or, whatever. Again this is most of the time. I think that all these things together help me deal with my wife's situation.


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I shall be away Fri 26th -Mon 29th so if you email me in that time don't expect a reply.  I will get back to you as soon as I can after my return.  Here’s hoping the FM conference benefits all participants.  I know the organisers have put a lot of effort into it.


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