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FMS eNews 13/04/13

Hi there
I hope this week has been a good fone or you.  We have had two family birthdays to celebrate so the good life has been with us, which probably is not so good for us in reality!   Too much food, and mostly the wrong sort!  But we had a good time/



114.  To accept change is one of the many challenges in life . . .  growing up is another one all together.


Make FM Awareness Day Memorable.
FREE 2013 May 12 Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Event Kit!

CARE & Make Fibromyalgia Visible.  We'd love to support you in creating a memorable event in your community.  That's where your efforts really make a difference.  Fibromyalgia events occur all through the month of May.
This year the NFMCPA pulled together all of the best tips and advice--plus tools, from the pros.  Putting on an event can be easier with a ready-made kit that includes a step-by-step check-off list and a Guide to Creating Local Fibromyalgia Awareness Events for more time-tested considerations.  It's all free and ready to be sent to you!

Can you raise awareness in your area?


From Adrienne Dellwoo, your Guide to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

See what this umbrella term means and what conditions fall under it.
See what this sure-to-be-controversial research says.
A look at how many kids could be diagnosed with JCFS after a bout of the "kissing disease."
Read the comments and chime in with your opinion!

See how you can tell what's causing which symptom.
See what research says about the way your brain is working.
You probably know a hot bath feels good, but you might be surprised at how much it's actually doing for you.
Join the conversation!


Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia

Debilitating diseases can be  devastating, but Monterey, California-based author, Valerie Lumley, is a  recovered fibromylagic who has turned her experience with Fibromyalgia  into an inspirational tool for others who suffer from the disease.  In  her book, Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia, she recounts her journey to discover the cause and a cure.


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Be an Advocate

In the Face of Pain® is an online pain advocacy resource brought to you by Purdue Pharma L.P. In the Face of Pain provides inspiration, pain-related news, downloadable materials and tools to inform and empower people with pain, caregivers, health care professionals and other concerned individuals to take action and advocate for appropriate and effective pain care. We invite you to explore the resources available. A few of our most popular resources are listed below. . . . . .


Helpful Sites For Fighterz

When it comes to dealing with a chronic illness, and this is just my personal feeling, we need all the help that we can get. And nowadays, there are so many websites out there to help us keep track of our health, that I think, why not take advantage of them? I’ve been compiling a list for a few months now, of websites that I think would be beneficial to not only Fibro Fighterz, but many other fighterz as well!


Yoga on the Path to Wellness ·  Created by Dan Moricoli

Upon contracting ME/CFS in early 2006 I gave up my somewhat limited practice of yoga as I felt I was simply too weak to continue and it was doing more harm than good.
Later, when I learned how to properly pace myself with a heart rate monitor, I came to understand that the problem was not with yoga, it was with the way I practiced it. so I resumed the practice.
In time, and with kind assistance from very knowledgeable experts, I developed an in-home routine which I could do daily. I have been astounded at the ever increasing benefits.


Misperceived Headache Pain

Q: True or false: Headache pain can be referred to the head from injuries to the C5, C6 and C7 ligaments.
A: False. Only the upper cervical ligaments refer pain to the head.
Fig. 1: Supraspinous ligament injury: The ligament at the back of the neck (A) is torn. Headache pain frequently is referred to the head from injuries to the C2 and C3 supraspinous and intertransverse ligaments. Among the many causes of headaches and neck injuries, these may be the ones most often misunderstood.


Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage

Researchers say they have found physical proof that Gulf War illness is caused by damage to the brain — and that proof may ultimately help civilians who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
Using fMRI machines, the Georgetown University researchers were able to see anomalies in the bundle of nerve fibers that interpret pain signals in the brain in 31 Gulf War veterans. The research will be published Wednesday in PLOS ONE journal.


Fibromyalgia as a Trait (and a Continuum) Disorder

Because fibromyalgia is a symptom based disorder, rather than a disease, it ‘officially’ begins when a person satisfies fibromyalgia criteria and is diagnosed by a physician. Prior to the 2010 criteria, that meant satisfying the 1990 ACR fibromyalgia criteria and its requirement of the tender point examination. The 2010 criteria require only self-reported symptoms that are convincing to the physician. Because the evaluations required by the criteria are almost never performed in primary care practice except when fibromyalgia is expected, and then only rarely, there is no way to know whether a patient had fibromyalgia prior to formal diagnosis. In fact, some people could have had fibromyalgia for decades—without ever knowing it: as Ehrlich acidly pointed out, ‘No one has FM until it is diagnosed.’


Some Videos you might like to watch

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What GLUTEN was doing to me...
10 Foods NOT to eat
The Truth About Aspartame


The Fibromyalgia Companion is your guide to managing fibromyalgia symptoms like pain, fibro fog, fatigue and more so you can live your best possible life. How? Talking about the latest research findings and providing tips on exercise (ugh!), behavior change (*gasp!*) and how to get started when you think you can't or don't know where to begin. Or maybe you are humming along and just looking for new ideas. Stop by for a while. Learn something new. Reinforce what you've been doing. And of course, share your own experiences!


Maybe spring has arrived at last.  At least the sun is shining right now!!

Take care of yourself!



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I also include various awareness items, benefits issues, as well as general health considerations.    Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the included items in printed form should seek permission from the originators.
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