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Stella's Update 27/08/2016

WORDz for the WEEK

276.  The problem with a solution to a problem is that a solution to a problem might itself cause a new problem in need of a solution.


The Wordz for the Week proved to be more true than might have been imagined!
If you read my last blog issued on 11th June you will know that having been diagnosed with bowel cancer I was scheduled for surgery on 27th June. This did take place as planned but was a major operation and more complicated than envisaged. The estimated time for my stay in  hospital was 7 - 10 days.  My actual stay was 24 days.  There was one problem after another, each needing a solution.  I won't go into details but now I am home I have an @home hurse three times a week to change dressings and check on my wellbeing as well as physiotherapists who have tried to re-mobilise me. I have progressed from a zimmer frame to a walking stick, and can walk short distances without any aids.   I have made a lot of progress but I still have a long way to go.
Much is said of Fibromyalgia being life changing but not life threatening.  Well, cancer is both life changing and life threatening.  My life has been turned upside down.
I have a new best friend - my stoma , I'm calling her Steph.  She is my new life partner; without her I would be dead.  She is just one of the life changes I have had to adjust to, her and her attached colostomy bags!
It is now two months since my operation.  I am sorry I have not updated you before now, but quite frankly I have not felt up to writing a blog. I have opened my laptop very rarely and there are thousands of emails piled up which I know I will never deal with.  If you sent one and didn't get a response, then I apologise. The fact that I am writing this now is a HUGE achievement!  I have been using my ipad for a few things and this was useful in hospital for Facebook messaging to family and close friends as I was not able to send emails. Neither could I write epistles such as this - not that I had the inclination.
So . . . . . after two months, I am able to report that I AM making progress but it is going to be a long slow road to recovery, and that might well never be 100%.  Although the surgeon assured me he had removed all the cancer there is no guarantee that it won't recur or spread elsewhere.  For now, I am thankful for his skill and the care of all the medical staff who have been and are looking after me. A special 'Thank You' goes to my daughter Christine for all the TLC bestowed on me since my return home.
To all my fibro friends, this is a farewell message because I do not envisage restarting FMS eNews.  I enjoyed all the research, compiling the weekly blog and keeping in touch with you all. I knew I would have to 'give up' at some point in time either for sight reasons or just old age, but I could not foresee this so I did not expect it to be so soon. Thank you for your friendship over the years and the encouragement so many of you gave me. I wish you all well, literally.
Fondest greetings


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