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Stella's News 11/06/2016

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275.  The purpose in life is to have a life of purpose.

Message to all my fibro friends

This is not so much a FMS eNews but rather an update on my personal situation.  I left you suddenly and abruptly and I do apologise.

I have been very touched and grateful for the many messages of thanks and goodwill which I received after my last blog.  I have not felt able to reply to them all individually but I really do appreciate all your concern and gratitude.  I am now in a position to explain my situation.

Besides fibromyalgia I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis - a narrowing of the spinal canal which causes nerves to be trapped and results in pain in the legs and feet.  I was scheduled for spinal decompression surgery for 7th June, to relieve the pressure and hopefully reduce the pain.  I was going to be out of action for about six weeks. However, the operation was not to be; it had to be postponed; everything changed.  I was also in the process of getting my hips assessed.  I had had a left hip replacement in 2006 and again in 2011 because the first one kept dislocating.  The right one was probably due for replacement -  but I didn't find out.

Retrack to 2013 when I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma resulting in the removal of my left eye in the hope of stopping the cancer from spreading.  Metastasis is most common in the liver and I have been having six-monthly MRI scans of my liver to check for tumors.  So far there have been none.  I thought I was OK.  

In mid May I had a rectal bleed and my doctor referred me for a rectal examination.  A Sigmoidoscopy (May 20th) revealed a malignant tumor, possibly cancer, to be confirmed by biopsy.   I was then scheduled for further tests, an MRI scan (June 2nd) , CT scan (June 3rd) and full Colonoscopy (June 9th).  The outcome was that I have bowel cancer but only in one site - it has fortunately not spread.  However, it is a primary cancer and unrelated to my ocular melanoma.  It is apparently operable and is not terminal.  I am scheduled for surgery on June 27th when part of the colon will be removed.    I am keeping positive and trusting there will be a satisfactory outcome.

So now you know why I have been off-blog!  I shall not be returning for the foreseeable future, but that depends on my progress after surgery, and I understand that may well be a lengthy process.

I wish you all well with all your various problems
Have an enjoyable summer!

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