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The Bernardis' Christmas Newsletter 2016


I really didn't want to write a newsletter this year because it has not been a good one and I do not want to bore you with our woes!  However, that said, I felt I should communicate or you might wonder what had happened to us.  I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in May necessitating surgery which was fortunately successful though didn't go quite according to plan.  It took a long time for me to recover.  I had been scheduled for spinal decompression surgery which had to go into abeyance.  I really don't want further surgery - yet - so will have to tolerate back, legs and feet pain until . . .    As a result of all this I decided to give up doing my fibromyalgia blog although I did write two items, one before and the other after surgery, explaining what had happened.  So if you are interested enough and have not already done so you can read the items in the archive menu on the right in 2016 for June and August.

It is with great gratitude to doctors, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and especially Chris, that I am still here and able to write this. My survival is a miracle.  I also appreciate the prayers, cards and messages from those who knew of my situation. 

During this period John was suffering with a sebaceous cyst on his back which caused him great discomfort and much pain, but that has thankfully now cleared.  

On the plus side it meant that we got to see Helen who came to look after us while Chris and Colin were away on holidays.  We see Michael occasionally too.

It is the younger generation who have the best news.  Laura has been promoted to Senior Veterinary Practice Nurse.  Steve has become a Special Constable in the Police. whilst maintaining his job as a driving instructor.  Jointly they are buying a house in Henfield, a new-build on an estate, but it won't be ready for occupation until March/April next year.  We shall miss having them around when they move.

That's about it from us.  We haven't had any holidays nor done anything particularly interesting so this is a very boring letter!  I do still knit for charities so my fingers are usually busy even if the rest of me isn't.  

We wish you all the joys of the Christmas season
Here's hoping that 2017 will be a better year with less health problems.
Our fondest wishes to all
Stella and John 

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