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FMS eNews 28/05/2016

WORDz for the WEEK

274.  He who welcomes sadness with joy and happiness with grief, learns to enjoy life!!

I 'celebrated' my 81st birthday yesterday.  I am getting old!!!  But I had a lovely day spent in the garden with family and friends.  The weather was perfect which contributed to an enjoyable and memorable day.  Thank you to those of you who put birthday greetings on my Facebook page.  They are much appreciated.
I wonder how many of you read to the end of the blog or notice my personal message that I usually finish with?  Last week I said:-
"I am shortly going to take a break from blogging about fibromyalgia.  I have other health issues which I need to deal with which will take much of my time.  So I will be saying au revoir for a while.  You are my fibro friends and you will always be dear to my heart.  I will endeavour to keep you updated from time to time, or I may return to FMS eNews on a regular basis in the future.  Meanwhile, I wish you all well .  The blog will stay on-line and you can refer to past issues at any time."

Whilst I am away from the blog you may like to continue to read about fibro.  I suggest you get signed up/subscribe to the mailing lists of any of the sites that you have enjoyed or found helpful many of which I use as a basis for my weekly offerings.

The websites which deliver on a regular basis and which I find to be most educational and worth subscribing to are:-

Fed up with Fatigue
Health Rising
Very Well , Fibromyalgia (I can't find a sign-up form on the new site but this page gives a selection of articles) 
Web MD  (Form at bottom right of page) 

And you may like to check out the various fibro blogs from time to time.

Good luck with your own research.
Have a pleasant bank holiday weekend
Until next time - whenever that is
Hasta la vista

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on celebrating 81 years! Wishing you all the best with your health. Thank you for often mentioning my blog Fibro Files here on your site and being a contributing member at Fibro Blogger Directory.

  2. Hope all your other health issues are not too bad. Sorry to hear that you will not longer be able to do the blog. Thank you for your hard work.
    Lots of Love
    Linda Scott