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FMS eNews 07/11/15

A big "Thank You" goes to Jeanne Hambleton for her article in Fibro Flare Magazine .  I am both flattered and humbled by what she has said about me. It is good to know that my efforts are appreciated! Left; photo of my favourite knitting project.
I seem to have gained fame this week as Innocents Drinks have featured me on their Facebook page! 

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WORDz for the WEEK

245.  The best things in life don't last very long, but they're definitely worth it while they do.


Helping You Find Pain Relief

 Pain impacts every aspect of your life. It can limit what you do, it can make you distracted or moody, and, when severe, it can make you downright desperate for relief.
 This week, we're focusing on pain relief, starting with a new article on a topical treatment that's long worked well for me, then we'll look at some common medications and supplements -- including what the risks and side effects may be. 
 Take care of yourself, and Happy Halloween!
 Adrienne Dellwo - Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Expert 


Study Shows Stress Increases Pain in Fibromyalgia

“Stress exacerbates pain in the everyday lives of women with fibromyalgia syndrome” – This title for a recent study has a serious “duh” factor attached to it. 
I think anyone who lives with Fibromyalgia or near a woman (or man) with Fibromyalgia could tell you that stress increases pain in Fibromyalgia. It’s certainly true for me. Surely, this study by Fischer et al. has to tell us something we don’t know, so let’s take a look.


Chronic Illness Inspires

Sharing is Caring! Originally posted on Prohealth 
Often chronic illness seems to zap us of our inspiration, but that’s not always the case. Many of us discover new passions and hobbies after we are diagnosed with chronic illness.
Sometimes, chronic illness inspires. While our illness may have taken one hobby we loved away we find ourselves engaged in new hobbies, and in new ways of being inspired. For some of us it is photography or art, for others it is gardening, knitting, or even writing.
[For me it's knitting and creating this blog!]


7 Steps of Hope, Healing From Chronic Illness - A Conversation with Nancy Gordon

Nancy Gordon was an enthusiastic Licensed Clinical Social Worker when suddenly she was hit with a devastating illness that was not diagnosed for many years. 
And even when it had been diagnosed, there was no adequate medical treatment, so she knows firsthand what it is like to descend into the depths of disability.
Her combined personal experience of chronic fibromyalgia and traumatic brain injury has given rise to her passionate mission in life – to assist others on the journey of transforming one’s life while living with the challenge of illness and disability. Along the way she discovered a breed of dog, the Xolo, which for many centuries has been shown to have sacred and healing powers.
In today’s conversation you will learn of her inspiring Journey through devastation and disability to become a beacon of hope and healing. We will explore the seven steps of hope that she describes more fully in her guidebook, “7 STEPS OF HOPE Healing the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability”.


This week’s fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news (week of Nov. 2, 2015)

Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news roundup. Some highlights:

  •     ME/CFS community explodes in anger after Oxford University study finds “positive thinking and exercise” can heal ME/CFS
  •     Lyrica tablets found among kid’s Halloween candy in Canada
  •     FDA (U.S.) approves new opioid pain patch
  •     National Institutes of Health (U.S.) announces new ME/CFS research effort
  •     Using Lyrica rectally for neuropathic pain
  •     National Health Service (U.K.) opens a new fatigue clinic
  •     An author says his children's book will help you fall asleep
  •     Walmart launches free grocery pick-up service at some stores
  •     Free ebook: Eating Well on $4 a Day
  •     Plus research news, interviews and much more!

Please share this post with your fellow fibro/ME/CFS friends or groups if you find the content valuable. 


Fibro Flare Magazine - November 2015 - Issue 19.

OR PDF version

[I am honoured that the article about me by Jeanne Hambleton is included in this issue.  As she said, I work in the background, so such an accolade is quite embarrassing!  You can find it on pages 30-34. But the rest of the magazine is interesting too!]


Vote for Fibro Flare Magazine in Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund Competition

Please vote and share. The £300 means we can send awareness booklets and letters to all Clinical Commissioning Groups in the UK. Support us so we can help you.  When you vote you will then have to go to your e-mails where you will get a link to verify the details. Your vote does not count unless you click the link in the e-mail. Please help us - £300 is a fantastic amount of money for us. 


Use of AMPK Inducers and Metformin for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia 

The present invention relates to the use of metformin, metformin derivatives, compounds containing metformin and compounds that induce the activation of AMPK phosphorylation for the treatment of fibromyalgia, reducing pain and depression, as well as dysfunctional biological parameters. 
The primary sectors of application are the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, through the development of tablets with lower doses than those currently used for these patients.


Spectrum Disorders: Are Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Anxiety, Joint Hypermobility, Migraine and Asthma Related?

Jeremy Coplan isn't afraid to think big - and he's clearly tired of the pigeonholes researchers have put diseases into. If you're going to understand the human body, he thinks, you have to look at the big picture - and he has.
Can you envision a disease spectrum that includes FM, ME/CFS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hypothyroidism and asthma? He can.
Find out more.


If Physical Injury Does Not Trigger Fibromyalgia - What Does?

Physical trauma such as car accidents are often assumed to trigger FM but a recent study suggests that that's not so at all. In fact, some researchers believe painful events play no role at all in triggering FM.
Is that possible, and if it is what the heck is going on? Find out more and tell us how your fibromyalgia started.


Characterized by redness, swelling, and pain, inflammation is the body's autoimmune response to harmful or threatening stimuli. Inflammation is likely to occur when the body comes into contact with toxins, allergens, and microorganisms, many of which are a normal part of everyday life; as a result, most people experience mild inflammation from time to time. When inflammation becomes more frequent than normal, the body is at risk for chronic inflammation which may result in tissue damage. To reduce the risk of tissue damage, experts recommend that sufferers of chronic inflammation seek medical care or advice. While prescription medications are commonly used for inflammatory conditions, a number of options exist for those who prefer natural treatments. Alternative and complimentary treatments include dietary and lifestyle changes, homeopathic remedies, herbs and supplements. Studies have shown that certain herbs--such as those described below-- may help to treat a range of inflammatory disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis. Here, then, in no particular order is our list of herbs considered beneficial for inflammation: - See more at:
10 Anti Inflammatory Herbs Turmeric (Curcuma longa)


Curcumin Made 65X More Bioavailable - Modern Take on a "Golden" Spice Busts Brain Fog, Joint & Body Pain

Have you had a "Fibro Fog" day lately? Hazy focus, slow thinking and spotty memory can be frustrating when you’re trying to take care of business. What about a "joint and body pain" day? Morning stiffness, creaky flexibility and muscle aches make it hard to get up and go. 
Of course, for fibromyalgia and CFS/ME sufferers, on the worst days these brain and body complaints combine - diminishing work performance, day-to-day activities and overall quality of life. 
Turmeric, a legendary "Golden Spice," may help. Used for thousands of years in both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese health systems, turmeric’s active compound, curcumin, has been shown in scientific research to have multiple biological activities that may sharpen mental performance while soothing away muscle aches and joint discomfort. 


UK Fibromyalgia November 2015

Every month we collect all the relevant fibromyalgia research from around the world so that you can keep informed about your condition. As well as this email newsletter, we also produce the original and independent Fibromyalgia Magazine which is available in a print format or in a more cost effective digital format,which is ideal for international readers.



Anxiety and Depression - Dr Edmond O'Flaherty - Medical Director 

The Bio Balance Centre is led by Dr Edmond O'Flaherty. We offer successful treatment of depression and anxiety through comprehensive blood analysis to determine chemical imbalances.



There are so many memorable days at this time of year.  We've had All Souls and All Saints (incorporating Hallowe'en), Bonfire night (for Guy Fawkes, Remember, remember the 5th of November) and Remembrance Day, 11th (for those who fell during the 2 World Wars, & others) is this week.  May they all be remembered, for various reasons. 

Have a good week


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