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FMS eNews 18/07/15

School holidays are here.  If you are going away I hope you have a great time wherever that may be.  If you are staying at home there are lots of things you can do with kids to keep them occupied, happy, amused and even educated.  Try these sites for ideas:-

School Holidays

100+ tips for cheap school holiday family fun

100 School Holiday Activity Ideas

WORDz for the WEEK

229.  Life is like a schoolyard bully, it picks on you as much as it can or as much as you let it.  But if you beat it once it will never 'rule' over you again.


Everyday Issues; Life Hacks

Chronic illness forces you to reevaluate everything about your life, from major lifestyle changes to the little things that help you get by every day. This week, we're looking at a lot of those little things.
We'll start with everyday objects that do double duty as massage tools, then move on to the small tweaks and hacks that make certain jobs easier or help relieve your symptoms.

Take care of yourself!
Adrienne Dellwo  - Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Expert


10 Ways to Destroy Junk Food Cravings

Junk food cravings are the worst. You know the food isn't good for you and it really doesn't taste all that good. But -- you just can't help yourself. Well, until now. I can help you beat those cravings.

Shereen Lehman, MS - Nutrition Expert


15 July 2015 Newsletter

Budget News, ESA Death Statistics And DLA In Hospital
Dear Reader,
The budget was definitely bad news for sick and disabled claimants, but not as bad as many had feared. At least we were spared the taxing of disability benefits or forcing every claimant to pay the first 10% of their housing benefit.
But it was bad enough.
The four year freeze on working age benefits will leave many people struggling to survive. The decision to change support for mortgage interest payments from a benefit to a loan, with many of the details left unclear, is causing huge concern.
And the ending of the work-related activity component for new ESA claimants will not only hit people becoming sick or disabled in the future. It may also mean many current ESA claimants will be too terrified to try out paid employment, for fear they will not be able to return to ESA at the same rate if their attempt fails.
Watching the Labour party descend into chaotic infighting, as leadership hopefuls row over whether to support the budget or not, is also proving to be a deeply dispiriting spectacle for many of our members.
Read on . . . .


Welcome to the next generation of health care!

Dear Friends,
Be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the Community Pain Center (CPC), the only patient-centric, one-stop destination web portal for actively managing your health and chronic pain!
Within the CPC site you will find a wealth of products and services, educational materials and self-management tools to save you time and money, improve your access to care and lead you to better health outcomes.
The CPC has a host of interactive, motivational and useful resources, tools and services to promote improved health and wellbeing. Watch over the next few months as the CPC grows into a community focused on an integration of experienced health related companies, non-profit organizations, educational providers, leading health care professionals, extensive evidence-based treatment options and informational content, one-on-one assistance, and so much more!
Please bear with us as we diligently work, incorporating your feedback and input, to fully develop the CPC into the comprehensive health care community you want and need it to be.
Remember you are instrumental in this process by sharing your suggestions and comments so that we can create the optimum environment for you to realize your best health. Please go to the contact section and share your ideas and suggestions.
We are honored to be able to offer the chronic pain community “hope and help” as we actively work together to provide assistance and motivation, as well as empower you to learn how to better manage your health.
Wishing you improved health,
Lynne Kennedy Matallana.


Inflammation – The Silent Enemy Inside Your Body

It is a well-known fact that most illnesses are associated with, if not directly brought about, by breakdowns in our body’s immune system. Recent research suggests that the greatest culprit in such breakdowns in the immune system are actually caused by a normal bodily process which is inflammation.


Parliamentary debate "Treatment of Fibromyalgia" 

On Wednesday 1 July 2015 the parliamentary debate "Treatment of fibromyalgia" presented by Alok Sharma MP (Reading West, Conservative), in Westminster Hall. Meeting started at 9.30am, ended 11.45am.
The Fibro Flare Awareness Group appeals to you to write to your MP to continue to raise awareness of fibromyalgia.  You can find a sample letter here  that you can edit for your particular situation.  Then go to They Work for You  and put in your postcode. This will take you to your MP's page.  Click on the green button to 'Send a message'.  You can then paste in your letter, put in your personal details and send.
Beth Urmston who has started this initiative would like you to inform her of any replies you might get. Her email address is
See Facebook page  You can join if you are not already a member.
You can listen to the debate by clicking on the header of this item or here.


It Can’t Hurt to Ask

The Australian Parliament is asking for public submissions into chronic disease prevention and management in primary health care.  This is our opportunity to write to them and ask them to fund research into Fibromyalgia and cater for patients who require home care, visits and support from medical professionals.
Despite an estimated one million Australians living with Fibromyalgia, there is limited services, support and information available. The gaps between research and daily care are unacceptable.
(Wow! The Australian Parliament is asking for public submissions into chronic disease prevention and management.  Come on UK parliament - wake up and take note!)


'Fibromyalgia is real' Press report

The Kildare Post reports on the relaunch of 'Fibromyalgia is real'


Treating Muscle Spasms in Fibromyalgia


10 Herbs & Supplements to Try If You Have Fibromyalgia

While prescription pain medications can help take the edge off of fibromyalgia pain – they are not without their risks. Most prescription medications have a long list of adverse side effects. Opioids, in particular, can lead to dependency problems for some patients. A recent Time magazine article noted that there are an estimated 100 million people in the United States suffering from chronic pain, with roughly 5 to 8 million of them using opioids for long-term treatment of pain. The
article also highlighted a disturbing trend in the rise of opioid abuse, noting, “Between 2007 and 2010, the number of hospitalizations for opioid addiction increased four-fold”. [1]
Woman with neck pain from fibromyalgiaSo what other options are there for safely treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic pain? For many, natural approaches have proven to be a safe and effective alternative (or complimentary) treatment. Some of the most common natural treatments for fibromyalgia include herbs, supplements, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness techniques, massage therapy and more. While no single method will completely relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia – trying multiple approaches consistently can, over time, result in significant positive changes and more lasting relief.


21 Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

You can eat a ton of veggies and still not get enough vitamin B12. Here are the risks, symptoms, and ways to treat a deficiency.

The energy vitamin - by Esther Crain
Vitamin B12 is a powerhouse. It helps make DNA, nerve and blood cells, and is crucial for a healthy brain and immune system.
Your metabolism wouldn't run smoothly without it. But B12 isn't like other vitamins. It's only found in animal products like eggs, meat, shellfish, and dairy. Up to 15% of people don't get enough B12, and they're more likely to be vegetarians, have celiac disease or other digestion problems, or be an adult over 50. The signs of vitamin B12 deficiency include exhaustion, rapid heartbeat, brain fog, and other symptoms, says Maggie Moon, RD, a Los Angeles–based nutritionist and owner of Everyday  Healthy Eating. Read on to find out more about the causes, symptoms, and cures for a vitamin B12 deficiency.
Next: Vegetarians and vegans are at risk


The Neuroinflammation Man: Jarred Younger on Inflammation, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

Unlike others, Younger was never phased by the lack  of attention given fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  In fact it was something of a spur to him. He started studying fibromyalgia twelve years ago when little was known about it. He  found the field intellectually stimulating because little was known about it and because so many people had it.  It was a field, he felt, he could make a difference in. He’s a new breed of researcher” – a researcher who started out and stayed in this field.
He placed a big bet – his career – on it and that bet appears to be paying off.  Hopefully other younger researcher will take note and follow. His road most recently lead from Stanford where his pioneering studies into the effectiveness of low dose naltrexone and fibromyalgia opened a new treatment option for many to the creation of his own Neuroinflammation, Pain and Fatigue Lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  The lab is engaged in wide variety of projects, many of which revolve around the subjects of inflammation and neuroinflammation.


21 Top Uses For Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is the popular name for magnesium sulphate, a natural mineral that occurs in pure form in many places in the earth’s crust. Epsom salt has numerous therapeutic uses and has been valued in medicine since old times. It is very commonly used as a bath salt, and is also taken internally to treat numerous conditions. It is also present in some mineral waters and is considered valuable by both orthodox and alternative health professionals.
Magnesium is regarded by scientists as essential to life, playing a fundamental part in living cells – and a surprisingly large proportion of people do not get enough magnesium: 57% of the US population does not meet the US RDA for dietary magnesium intake!


How To Sleep Soundly On Hot Summer Nights, In One Simple Chart

Summertime is packed with some of the year's best barbecues, outdoor adventures and vacation time, but it also comes with hot and humid evenings that can be virtually impossible to sleep through.
Recognizing that the peak of this steamy season is imminent, the team at The Sleep Matters Club in the United Kingdom compiled a helpful infographic sharing 16 ways to ensure a solid night's sleep when you just can't seem to beat the heat.
When it comes to sleep hygiene, keeping your bedroom cool, dark and quiet is essential for a solid night's sleep. But believe it or not, those three qualifiers (which represent pretty much the opposite of summer) are still within your reach.
Check out The Sleep Matters Club's infographic below to find out how to sleep like a baby tonight -- even without AC.


July 15th News
  • Inpatient Pharmacy Pain Management Service Yields 'Impressive Outcomes'
  • More Americans Practicing Yoga, Meditation To Control Pain, But Supplements Still Lead Alternative Therapies
  • WEB EXCLUSIVE - Surgeons Tackle Chronic Pain at World Hernia Meeting

5 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Vitamin D

Depression could be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency
You eat a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, sweat several times a week, and slather on the SPF before catching any rays.
You’re making healthy choices in nearly every aspect of your life, but could be neglecting one very important issue that increases your risk for high blood pressure and diabetes by two and a half times, says Michael Holick, MD, author of The Vitamin D Solution and professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center. In fact, one billion people worldwide are short in vitamin D, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.




Today I am going to my granddaughter's 'Hen Party'.  She is getting married on 1st August.  Hope the sun shines that day!  Sorry!  Not supposed to mention the weather.



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