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FMS eNews 21/12/13

Greetings to all
Only four days until Christmas.  I have tried to keep information to a minimum this week as I did not want to overwhelm you at this busy time of the year.  If you do happen to have some spare time you can catch up on previous week's items that you may have missed.  Today's WORDz are particularly appropriate, but purely by co-incidence.


WORDz for the WEEK

147.  Slow down and enjoy life.  It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast -- you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.


Benefit Sanctions - Independent Inquiry

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

Due to the draconian policies of this government in its Social Security reforms and the clear pressure placed on DWP/Job Centre staff, the number of claimants being subjected to benefit sanctions has increased by hundreds of thousands per year.
Benefit sanctions can last from 4 weeks to 3 years causing immense distress to benefit claimants, suicide, homelessness, poverty, hunger and increased use of food banks.

Sign the petition


Men With Fibromyalgia

If you are a man suffering from fibromyalgia, you may be having trouble dealing with your illness. This is because fibromyalgia syndrome is typically thought of as a woman's disease, and men with the illness are often overlooked. Men sometimes don't receive the same fibromyalgia treatment or emotional support that women do, and many men may even have trouble getting diagnosed properly. If you are a man dealing with the rigors of fibromyalgia,it is important know that you are not alone.


From Adrienne Dellwo, your Guide to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Adrienne Dellwo
Do you expect too much of yourself sometimes? Learn how to accept the thing you cannot change - your illness-imposed limitations - and how it can make your life and your health better. That's below.
Also this week, a new look at celiac disease in a particular group of people with fibromyalgia, and help dealing with stress. We could all use some of that this time of year, couldn't we?
Down in Featured Articles, get information about some of the treatments available to us. On the right, you'll find some help for getting through the holiday season.
Take care of yourself!


There is now a FMS Clinic in Harley Street run by Dr Chris Jenner. 

See his FM review here

and his price list here


Big Antiviral Trial Could Usher in New Treatment Era for Fibromyalgia - A New Approach to Fibromyalgia

So it’s going to be
 Fibromyalgia that
 gets the really
 big antiviral trial
Infections are a common trigger for fibromyalgia (FM), and fibromyalgia patients are experience many ‘sickness behavior’ symptoms, but we haven’t usually associated FM with viruses or immune system problems.
That’s been changing  recently. A immune biomarker has been proposed. Small fiber neuropathy - possibly caused by immune dysregulation – has been found. Dr. Dantini has been treating FM with antivirals for years.  The immune system’s starting to get some respect in FM.

See more at:


Best and Worst Ways to Cope With Stress

Jangled nerves got you down? There are right ways and wrong ways to get your stress under control.
Stress-busting solutions by Lauren A. Greene

From natural disasters to overly demanding bosses, our world is filled with stressors. While some research has shown that short bursts of stress can be good for you, a new study out of Ohio State University and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that dealing with persistent, long-term stress (like that from a toxic boss or from caring for an elderly parent) can actually change your genes, leading to an increase in inflammation that can bring on a variety of health issues.
Learning how to cope properly can go a long way for your everyday health. Here, the best and worst ways to de-stress right now.,,20765943,00.html


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So, my friends, I hope you have an enjoyable, peaceful and blessed Christmas.  I may take a holiday from eNews next week, or at least do a minimal version.

Best seasonal greetings



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