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FMS eNews 08/06/13

This week was Volunteers’ Week.  I attended a ‘Thank You’ party for Age UK volunteers, which was an enjoyable occasion.  It was good to meet people who volunteer in different ways to help the elderly.  I am 'elderly' myself, but I can still give a bit of myself to help others!
Next week is Carers’ Week.  Every week seems to be dedicated to some charity. cause or ailment.  I often wonder what would happen to the world if all volunteers of every kind withdrew their services.



122.     When I say that I can't, it means that I won't;
            I say that I will, and then I don't; 
            so say what you mean, and mean what you say;
            live life with integrity, each and every day . . . .


The June Issue of Living Well with Fibromyalgia is now available.

A trip through the alphabet with treatments for Fibro.


Fibromyalgia Treatment Overview by Terry Springer.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Fibromyalgia. No “Magic Pill” exists and there is no single accepted “Best” treatment approach. While effective Treatment for Fibromyalgia is possible, each patient tends to respond to treatment efforts differently. This is very frustrating for both doctors and patients.


Do all fibromyalgia sufferers deserve the SAME support? YES!

A fibromyalgia survivor doesn’t fit into a particular category. They aren’t a “she” or a “he”. They’re both. We come in different sizes big and small and we still matter, we’re no less important because of shape or height. Or the sound of our voice, or how much or how little we speak. We’re no less important even in times of fibro fog. We’re no less important because of how severe our pain is compared to someone else’s pain either. We’re so different and that is what makes us so important, unique and valid in this world. We even have different sets of beliefs systems, some of us believe in the Universe, some of us believe in God, some of us are Atheist or Buddhist…and you know what? We still all deserve and need the same kind of love, understanding and support.


Dr Brian McDonogh, The Eagle Clinic, Horsham

Dr Brian McDonogh
Dr McDonogh gave a talk at the Horsham Fibromyalgia Group about the pH factor, (acidity vs. Alkalinity), what it is, how to measure it and how to change it.  Many people have asked for further information about his subject and he has agreed to the distribution of his notes which can be found here.

Dr McDonogh has written a book “How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally” which is available as an e-book for £5, by requesting it from him by email at the address below.  For security reasons, the long number of the credit card should be included in the request email and the expiry date, security code and name of cardholder in a second email sent at the same time.
A copy of the clinic’s information leaflet is here.  Page 1.  Page 2.

The Eagle Clinic’s website is and the address is Eagle Clinic Ltd., 45 Keats Close, Horsham, West Sussex  RH12 5PL  Tel: 01403 258351 Email:


People with fibromyalgia experience a different breed of pain. 
The science behind the hurt.
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How PT Fights Fibromyalgia
Regular physical therapy programs may help you control your fibromyalgia.
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Cheese, inactivity, your wallet, and these other surprising but common pain triggers.
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Fibromyalgia pain is not "all in your head." More facts about this misunderstood condition.
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True or false: Doctors know the cause of fibromyalgia.
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The 11 Kinds of Insomnia

Can't sleep? Here are 11 types of insomnia developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
You don't have to lie awake for hours past your bedtime to have insomnia. The condition can manifest itself in several ways.
Yes, you may have trouble falling asleep (known as sleep-onset insomnia), but some people have problems staying asleep (sleep-maintaining insomnia) or waking up too early (early morning awakening).
Sleep specialists may look for an underlying cause, such as a medical condition or psychological issue. Here are 11 classifications of insomnia, developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 


Carers’ Week, 10-16 June  2013

I have been asked to distribute the Horsham District Age UK plans for Carers’ Week which can be found here


'The Ultimate Health Bracelet'

The only biologically powered micro-current bracelet in the world
Uniquely harmonised with BrodPod® advanced magnetic therapy
Harnesses the power of the body's own electrolytes
No batteries or mains power required


Nigel Broderick the award winning British inventor responsible for the
popularity of magnetic therapy bracelets has developed the world's first
 multi therapy microTeNS® (micro-current) bracelet.
Brod®TeNS is a revolutionary breakthrough and the culmination of
20 years research and development. 
The new invention replaces the need for batteries or mains power as
needed for a conventional TENS or microTENS machine.
Brod®TeNS is powered using the skin's natural electrolytes to help 
generate  a safe healing micro-current. The tiniest electrical current 
measured in millionths of an amp can turn off pain, operate vital 
organs and move muscles. Micro-current therapy is used extensively
by pain clinics and professional therapists to treat a wide range of
medical conditions and injuries.
The inventor describes it as "The Ultimate Health Bracelet - 
A one stop rejuvenation, maintenance and repair centre 
for the whole body."


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Summer seems to have come at last in this part of the world.  So let’s make the most of it while it lasts!  For anyone in the southern hemisphere I hope your winter is not too severe.  My daughter and son-in-law are on holiday in Devon this week.  That means I will probably have more to do at home, so I might not be able to put as much time and effort into next week’s eNews, but I will do my best. 
Until then . . . .
Keep good!

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