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FMS eNews 23/04/2016

From my membership of Fibro Bloggers and Chronic Illness Bloggers networks I realise that there are a large number of blogs dedicated to or associated with fibromyalgia.  Such blogs can be both educational and inspirational.  I am finding that my normal linking method to them, with illustrations,  is becoming extremely time consuming.  I like to include some of them, but in future I will list the latest ones without excerpts and pics under the heading 'The Latest Fibro Blogs'.  I hope this will be more convenient for you too.  Take a look at them and check out your favourites each week. For those of you wondering what the significance of  'spoons' and 'spoonies' is, you may like to read The Spoon Theory.  It was written originally to explain lupus but can equally be applied to any chronic illness including fibromyalgia.
May 12th, Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is fast approaching.  Will you be doing anything to mark the occasion?  You can at least join Thunderclap as detailed previously, on 9th April.
I don't know who designed this but it doesn't actually mention fibromyalgia!

WORDz for the WEEK

269.  It is not that we have life in us, it is life that has us in it.


Pain in the ... Well, Everything

It's something I hear a lot -- "I have (symptom x), do you think it's fibromyalgia?" Of course, I'm not a doctor and can't do all the work required to diagnose someone accurately. However, when I hear, "My skin hurts, all over. I can't stand to be touched. It even hurts just to wear clothes," red flags start waving all over the place. Most people, even those with chronic pain, just don't get this symptom. Learn all about it, below.
After that, you'll find more articles on pain, designed to help you understand what's going on in your body and why.
Take care of yourself! - Adrienne Dellwo
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Expert
Read Adrienne's articles . . .



Celebrate - what you have overcome and the simple successes you have each day
Remember - those lost to the disease and honor people who have fought or are fighting fibromyalgia and chronic pain
Join in - or host an event to increase fibromyalgia awareness in your area
Fight Back - inspire people from all over to take action against a disease that has taken so much 
Find a 2016 awareness day event in your state. 

Read the rest of the Newsletter . . .


Secret Observations Used To Refuse PIP Plus Claimant Deaths Reviews Victory

We now know that a PIP assessor can complete your entire assessment – and score you nothing - days before you even turn up for your medical. Or he can ignore your evidence completely and base his entire report on secret observations he claims to have made.
And allegedly rake in £20,000 a month for doing so.
We also know now that there is absolutely no question of universal credit being scrapped by Stephen Crabb, as many had hoped. He has, however, discovered lots of ‘interesting ideas’ for getting sick and disabled people into work.
And we’ve also come a good deal closer to discovering if the DWP have been ignoring the findings of their own secret death reviews - and costing more claimants their lives as a result.
Discover more about assessments . . .


Nimble: A Useful Blade at Your Fingertip

Project Overview
Nimble was the response to a problem many disabled people with limited hand function experience around the kitchen: opening poorly designed food packaging.
Whilst there are plenty of solutions out there already that help with opening jars and tins, until now there were very few available to aid in opening plastic based packaging such as packets of pasta, bread and bacon. Those that do exist all have handles and thus require a level of grip strength and dexterity to operate that is simply not achievable by many people with disabilities affecting hand function (such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis or certain types of spinal injury).
Nimble functions differently. Designed to be worn on the fingertip like a thimble (any guesses where its name came from?), it uses a small ceramic blade to cut open plastic and paper packaging with a swipe of your finger. Despite being sharp enough to cut packaging, this blade was specially designed to be safe on skin, removing the chance of accidental injury.
Read more about Nimble and see the photos . . .

See also Kickstarter page


Fibromyalgia News Today Weekly Digest

See below for  last week's articles. Click  to read each piece in its entirety:

Pain Sensitivity in Mice with Fibromyalgia Reduced with Natural Compounds Resveratrol, Rice Oil

Researchers Map Full-length Protein Involved in Chronic Pain, with Hopes for Future Therapies

NSAIDs Survey Offers Some Surprising Answers from Pain Patients


Why Your Immune System Needs Extra Care With Fybromyalgia

 If you’re one of the estimated 6 to 18 million people in the U.S. with fibromyalgia, you already know how easy it is to feel tired and run down. Once you have what’s called a fibromyalgia “flare,” when your symptoms are at their worst, it can take quite a while to recover. The key to recovering from a flare is prevention, because there’s little you can do to stop a flare once it has started. Here are some points to consider about how your immune system plays a role in fibromyalgia flares.
Read more about flares . . .


Fibromyalgia Complications

Part 1 of 5: Overview
Complications of Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia symptoms may come and go but in most cases the disorder does not tend to worsen over time. People who experience the symptoms learn how to cope with the pain the best they can and avoid triggers that bring about flare-ups. However, the pain syndrome can disrupt your life and is often associated with other diseases.
Read parts 2 - 5 . . .

Multiple Sclerosis vs. Fibromyalgia: Differences in Signs and Symptoms

Part 1 of 8: Overview
MS vs. Fibromyalgia
Multiple sclerosis (MS) and fibromyalgia are very different conditions. However, they sometimes share similar symptoms and signs. Both conditions require a variety of medical tests for a diagnosis. Before you begin any tests, you may be able to distinguish your symptoms and decide if they are signs of one of these conditions. Your doctor can help, too.
Continue to parts 2 - 8 . . .


Health Rising Has Moved!

We changed the URL Health Rising is found on early this morning from to
I went with after I left Phoenix Rising because of its name recognition value, but that’s no longer needed so I took my name off the building, so to speak.  It was nice while it lasted. :)
Hopefully, everything will transition over smoothly and you won’t have any problems getting to the website. If you do please use the comment box or the contact form (if you can get to it lol) or email me at and we’ll get it fixed.
Thanks for your patience and your support.
Yours truly, 
Big Summit, Big Study and the Big Map!

The Fibromyalgia Summit
Finally a fibromyalgia summit!  It’s a big one – the biggest I’ve seen yet. It includes thirty speakers covering everything from gut issues to nutrition to detoxification to sex (there is sex after fibromyalgia – perhaps more than we think) to hypothyroidism, to stress, to emerging treatments (by me – gulp), and for the guys – FM and men .
The Big Study
Kudo’s to The Solve ME/CFS Initiative for getting Dr. Avindra Nath to give a webinar on the big NIH Clinical Center study on ME/CFS.
Get on the Map!
Be Proud! Put yourself on the map
Have ME/CFS or FM? Be Proud! Put yourself on “The Disease Map” and demonstrate that these “invisible” and poorly supported diseases are everywhere.  Thus far 1740 FM patients and 1030 ME/CFS patients have put themselves on the World Disease Map.
Read more about each - and put yourself on the map . . .


If you have any of the following symptoms it could be a sign that you have gluten intolerance:

Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea and even constipation. I see the constipation particularly in children after eating gluten.
Keratosis Pilaris, (also known as ‘chicken skin’ on the back of your arms). This tends be as a result of a fatty acid deficiency and vitamin A deficiency secondary to fat-malabsorption caused by gluten damaging the gut.
Fatigue, brain fog or feeling tired after eating a meal that contains gluten.
Find 4 - 10 here . . .



Neurontin and Lyrica are a Death Sentence for New Brain Synapses

Neurontin and its newer more potent version, Lyrica, are widely used for off-label indications that are an outright flagrant danger to the public. These blockbuster drugs were approved for use even though the FDA had no idea what they actually did in the brain. A shocking new study shows that they block the formation of new brain synapses1, drastically reducing the potential for rejuvenating brain plasticity – meaning that these drugs will cause brain decline faster than any substance known to mankind.
What are the dangers? . .


This section is included because it provides general health education, but not necessarily fibro related.


I can't end today's blog without mention of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursday this week.  What a wonderful lady and a great example to us all.  I admire her stamina and agility which far exceeds mine  - and I'm nine years younger than her!  
Have a good week ahead.

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I also include various awareness items, benefits issues, as well as general health considerations. Anyone wishing to reproduce any of the included items in any way should seek permission from the originators.
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