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FMS eNews 29/08/15

Last week I asked if anyone had used LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone).  I had no response!  If you have used LDN please send me an email now and tell me of your experiences, good or bad.
Listen to Dr Jill Cottel talking about the use of LDN.  See under Vimeo below.
Also Facebook has a page for LDN Research.
This week I have had another request from a lady who is a hypnotherapist.  She would like to know of anyone who has tried this to treat FM or ME.  She says "I saw that you were prepared to request info.  I hope you will consider doing this for me, as I am so committed to finding methods that will help.  
If  there are useful responses, I will collate these and will report back.  I would like to know:
1.  Have you tried hypnotherapy?
2.  If you did, was it for a specific symptom such as sleep problems, or maybe it was more general, or for something else entirely (not about your Fibro or ME/CFS).  Please do not give me personal details or in depth information.  It would be helpful to know, eg Managing pain, General relaxation, panic attacks, Getting off to sleep, and so on.  
3.  Did it help you?
4.  If it did not help, why do you think that was?
5.  If you have not tried hypnotherapy, why is this – you might think it does not work, perhaps you are concerned about some aspect of it, do not know how to go about it – or similar.  Again, please do not give personal details, stay general!
It is not necessary to give your name or details, just contact via Stella.
If enough people are able to make contact, I would be more likely to collate valuable info.  If this happens, I’ll be happy to let you know what I find."

We could be instigating some useful research here.  Please help if you can.  It would be advantageous if results of ANY treatments, medicinal or alternative, were to be submitted, to see if we can establish what is actually helping people with FM or ME (please say which), or is having any adverse effects.


WORDz for the WEEK

235.  The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.


Take Control of Your Joint Pain & Most Feared Life Threatening Chronic Diseases

While Boosting Your Vitality, Energy Levels & Mental Clarity so that You Can…
“Live & Move Freely in as Little as 14-Days”
The Best Part:  You’ll Eliminate Dangerous Pills, Painful Shots, Waiting Rooms & Going Under the Knife

Read the article to find a solution.  Green Tea, Pistachios and Kiwi are highly recommended.


5 Delicious Ways to Get More Lycopene Into Your Diet

Lycopene is a phytochemical that has plenty of potential health benefits. Today I give you a list of five foods that are great sources of lycopene. I've also got a list of lutein sources and 5 ways to improve a bad diet right away.
Shereen Lehman, MS - Nutrition Expert


7 Tips for Restless Legs Syndrome

Dancing in the dark?  Muscle movements are regulated by dopamine (a neurotransmitter) in the brain and spinal cord.  Dopamine tells leg muscles to relax at night, so without enough dopamine, muscles can remain hyperactive.  In order to make dopamine, you need amino acids (either phenylalanine or tyrosine) from protein, and you need iron.


Figuring out Fibromyalgia

Maggie says she has suffered from fibromyalgia for more than 10 years. She explains how difficult it was to get an accurate diagnosis, because X-rays and blood tests revealed no answers. Maggie describes how the chronic pain she experiences in her legs, hips, arms, wrists and head make it difficult for her to enjoy her life like she used to. She adds that a lack of information regarding fibromyalgia makes her situation even harder for her.
“It’s awful, because people just don’t understand,” she says. “It’s been going on for so long that people think I’m just making up my symptoms.”
Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain and tenderness, which can be accompanied by fatigue, impaired memory and other physical issues. Additionally, fibromyalgia may occur with other chronic pain conditions, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. The exact cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, but researchers believe it could be the result of several factors, including genetics, illness and physical or emotional trauma, which lead to an abnormal processing of pain.
Watch the video.


LDN Research Trust - Low Dose Naltrexone

To help people with all autoimmune conditions. 
To raise funds to enable LDN to be clinically trialled. 
To ensure that LDN can be made readily available on the NHS.
LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) has been used successfully in the treatment of autoimmune conditions since 1985. This safe, inexpensive, generic drug could potentially treat 100,000's of those who suffer from life limiting conditions such as MS, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Crohn's, Parkinsons, Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimers and many more medical conditions.
The LDN Research Trust is a non-profit making UK registered charity, run solely by volunteers who are all working towards making LDN available to everyone who could benefit from its use.
LDN is a "Prescription Only" medication.


Monday Mindfulness – Week 5

Continuing to be mindful with Ian Peric of Priceless Vitality.

See you next week.


Conditions Associated with Fibromyalgia

In many cases, fibromyalgia is accompanied by other illnesses. In fact, there are specific medical conditions that do increase the likelihood that you will, at some point, develop FMS. 
Continue reading

Other articles:-
Fibromyalgia Itching

Fibromyalgia and Dizziness

Fibromyalgia Food Diet

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis 


Catch Some Zzzzzs

If you're having problems falling or staying asleep, your evening habits might be to blame. 

But you CAN stop those sneaky sleep saboteurs in their tracks. Here are 20 things you shouldn't do before bed.


Fibromyalgia – The Savella Story 

Milnacipran (brand names: Savella, Ixel) is the third and last drug the FDA approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia in the United States. The fourth serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI), to be introduced in the U.S.,  Savella stops the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine in the nerves synapses – making more of those neurotransmitters available to the 
central nervous system. Savella is the most “balanced” SNRI in that it increases serotonin and norepinephrine equally. Unlike other SNRI’s it does not affect dopamine levels. Antidepressants are now commonly used to treat chronic pain… SNRI’s are usually considered antidepressants (although they are also often used to treat anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and ADHD) but two SNRI’s, Savella and Cymbalta (Duloexetine) have also been shown to be effective in treating chronic pain in some patients without mood disorders.


Four ME/CFS Recovery Stories

"My message to all CFS/ME/Fibro sufferers is don’t lose hope—recovery is possible, even if not easy." Dan​
All were successful contributing members to society. Alexandra was a nurse, Dan was married, had kids, a good job and was in excellent physical shape. Mathew was a successful entrepreneur running a business with twenty employees. Only Maureen had had some health problems: she had suffered a series of colds and other problems in in the past year or so. All became so ill they had to quit their jobs. Several became home bound, two were bed bound at times. All eventually recovered completely from ME/CFS. 
They all recovered in different ways but some commonalities are present.


Top 10 Essential Oils for Sleep And Insomnia

Check out this great list of essential oils that are known for their calming qualities. Valerian has been used as a sedative since old times, lavender is a classic sleep remedy, as is chamomile.
There are lots of interesting ways to apply essential oils. For example, did you know that you can add a few drops to a tablespoon of base oil (try organic coconut or almond oil) and then massage the soles of your feet? Try this with lavender 20 minutes before sleep time… You can also try adding a few drops of your fav oils to a bath (heavenly!), using a diffuser or adding them to a massage oil. You can even drop a few drops on clothing or bedding and let the terpenes and other molecules work their magic… 
Learn (tons!) more about the essential oils listed with our super in-depth guides. We go beyond…

  • 1. Lavender
  • 2. Valerian
  • 3. (personal fav!) Neroli
  • 4. Clary Sage
  • 5. Vetiver
  • 6. Roman Chamomile
  • 7. Patchouli
  • 8. Sandalwood
  • 9. Cedarwood
  • 10. Marjoram

We also have full pages on 20+ other popular oils here
We also have a list of 10 Herbs For Insomnia.
All links on the webpage.


10 Healthiest Drink Recipes In The World

Today we bring you an amazing free collection of recipes for healthy drinks courtesy of our friends over at Natural Living Ideas! We’ve also added a few more of our own faves to boost the collection even more!  You’ve probably seen a few of these if you have been following our blog for a while, but it’s good to have them all in the same place so that you can bookmark the page or even create a folder full of them. Why not create a Pinterest page and pin them all? 
(We did this – check out our pinterest page Healthiest Drinks In The World)
In an age of artificial ingredients and diminishing trust in mass-produced food, people are turning to these options because they give confidence – you know what you are eating and you know that it is good for you. Knowing that you are meeting a high standard of self-care will help put a smile on your face as you meet the world.
These drinks will also be fantastic options to serve to guests at your next party, because in addition to being healthy, refreshing and delicious, they also have amazing visual appeal.


Recruitment of patient and public voice representatives for NHS England Patient Safety Groups

The NHS England Patient Safety Domain is recruiting a number of patient and public voice (PPV) representatives to the Patient Safety Expert Groups and Patient Safety Steering Group. The groups have been established to work with partner organisations on national patient safety issues.
There are currently vacancies for PPV representatives on the:

  • Patent Safety Steering Group
  • Children and Young People Patient Safety Expert Group
  • Medical Specialties Patient Safety Expert Group
  • Mental Health Patient Safety Expert Group
  • Women’s Health Patient Safety Expert Group

If you are interested in applying for one of these posts, more detailed information and application forms are available in the links on the webpage. The closing date for applications is Friday 11 September 2015.


Do you really have diabetes? 

People are always stunned when I tell them that their STATIN medicine can actually cause them to wind up with a DIABETES diagnosis. I've been warning my fans for 7 years now, telling them that these drugs have the capability to increase your blood sugar. . . . . . .

Do you have diabetes or statin-induced hyperglycemia?
You need to know. There's a difference between hyperglycemia and diabetes, a BIG difference, one that could save you years of suffering, and tons of money you would otherwise spend on diabetic medication, appointments, monitoring devices and treatments. All you have to do is recognize the signs of these 'new diseases' brought on by your medicine. Then make informed choices about dietary supplements, and vital nutrients that restore balance. It's not just about diabetes, you need to hear what I share about ALS, ED, chronic fatigue, fibro and much more.    

Now here's my GIFT to you... A FREE ebook I wrote! 


How to Make a Lotion for Leg Cramps & Growing Pains

This lotion recipe came about as a solution to the growing pains my kids develop from time to time.
I infused oil with arnica, which is helpful for inflammation and joint pain, and comfrey leaf, which can be used to treat sprains, strains and other sore muscle woes.
The magnesium oil part came into play after a talk with our naturopath. My son had been experiencing some back pain during a growth spurt (he’s 13 and already 5’10”) so she suggested I try magnesium oil. It worked wonders on him after only two applications! (He routinely takes supplemental magnesium too.)
However, magnesium oil can be a skin irritant over time, so I wanted to cushion it in a skin soothing lotion or cream containing aloe. I rounded it out with a little bit of lavender essential oil, for relaxation, and peppermint essential oil, which is also good for muscle pain. (Plus it makes it smell good!)
So, that’s the story behind the recipe, now let’s get into how you can make your own!


Dr Jill Cottel from the US shares her experience as an LDN prescriber - Low Dose Naltrexone



Can yoga really heal and restore one’s mind, body and spirit?

Yoga to overcome physical challenges such as obesity, pain, aging, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, cancer surgery recovery and chronic disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and many, many others?
Yoga to overcome emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, codependency, issues of self-worth and grieving?
Yoga to overcome behavioral challenges such as addictions, overeating, alcoholism, shyness and reclusiveness?
Listen to these people tell their personal stories about overcoming physical, emotional and behavioral challenges with a proper yoga practice, undertaken with full intent and determination.
Watch and listen to these personal stories of healing and then think about what challenges you would like to overcome.


New September Term Starts Soon

 September is always a time to start something new, with renewed vigour and vitality after the summer break.  Join one of our classes now to help boost your immune system, strengthen the body, calm the mind and have fun throughout.
Welcome to the new term, at the start of every school year we start a number of new beginner Tai Chi and Qigong courses over an 8 week duration.  Our class schedule starts back from Monday 7 September.  You can view the school calendar here.



I know about loads of things that are bad for me!  Bread, sugar, aspartame etc, and I have cut down on a lot.  However, I am a bit naughty sometimes!!!  Nevertheless I have managed to lose 10kgs.  Even my optician noticed I had lost weight.  That was a bonus - my intention was merely to eat more healthy food - and I feel better too!  I think probiotics and green tea helped.

Wishing you good health
Look after yourselves

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