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FMS eNews 28/03/15

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Countdown

Six weeks to go before Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!
The Fibromyalgia Awareness Joint Project is advocating taking selfies first thing in the morning before getting out of bed!!!  Put them on Facebook to make an impression on the world.  Are you up for it???


WORDz for the WEEK

214.  What is memorable need not always be understandable.


To Drive or Not to Drive; Food Sensitivities

Driving means freedom and independence, but do your symptoms make it unsafe? See what to take into consideration when you ask yourself that question, below.
Also this week, a look at eating out when you have food sensitivities that make you feel worse, plus the dreaded topic of exercise, including how to stay within your limits and what kinds of exercise work best for many of us.
Take care of yourself!
Adrienne Dellwo
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Expert


10 Untrendy Superfoods Every Kitchen Needs

A few years ago I co-authored Superfoods for Dummies. One thing that was important to me was including superfoods that weren't expensive, hard to find or overly exotic. I've continued that line of thinking with a list of superfoods that aren't trendy.

Shereen Lehman, MS
Nutrition Expert


Fibromyalgia Awareness and Advocacy Forum Ireland

3,000 copies of this booklet were printed. They sold like hot cakes!  A reprint is underway.  If you didn't get a copy first time around you can do so now. It contains stories of people with fibro and relatives of people with fibro, proving 'Fibromyalgia Is Real'.
Gemma Flood who has spearheaded this project says to email her if you want a copy  Payment of 3 euros can be made by PayPal to  Beth Urmston has copies for UK customers.  Email her and ask for a copy.
A Kindle version is available Here  
Copies have been provided free of charge for doctors and hospitals.  If you would like one sent to yours, let Gemma or Beth know.


Helping a Fibro Frog Stay Dry

Remember I told you about Amy's predicament?
Yes, Amy the owner/author of The Fibro Fog blog page [] - you know the one...voted as one of the top 15 Fibromyalgia blogs of 2014 by Healthline; voted as one of the top 15 Fibromyalgia blogs by Healthline for 3 consecutive years; and certified for medical accuracy by an M.D. through Healthline.
Yes, Amy the owner of The Fibro Frog Facebook page - with 0ver 15,000 LIKES (which should translate to over 15,000 votes, right?)
Read the whole story 
All we need you to do is visit Amy’s voting page in the nation-wide program called No Roof Left Behind, and vote.


Can’t Work Because Of Fibro? New Ruling Gives Fibro Sufferers Disability Payments

Fibromyalgia is the most misunderstood, complicated, and controversial condition I have ever run across. On top of dealing with chronic pain, fibro fog, lack of sleep, FATIGUE, and everything else that fibromyalgia sufferers go through every day, the medical world still refuses to give us our dues. Modern day doctor’s are still stubbornly and inappropriately…
Continue Reading
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Fibromyalgia Sufferers! 
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How The Weather Affects Fibromyalgia

Many fibromyalgia sufferers report weather changes as one of the top causes of symptom flare-ups, especially muscle pain and stiffness. Interestingly, while many people with fibromyalgia report worsening of symptoms during cold weather, other fibro patients respond worse to heat. However, the validity of this claim is still up in the air, according to doctors and researchers. The connection between weather changes and fibromyalgia symptoms has been proven and disproven by multiple studies over the years—at this point, most doctors believe that reports of symptom flares as a result of weather are “all in your head.”


“An Immune Mediated Brain Disorder”: Mady Hornig and Llewellyn King 

It was a nice setup. There was Llewelyn King with his implacable, patrician profile (and his wonderful British enunciation) sitting across the warm and expressive American, Dr. Mady Hornig. How did Mady Hornig get interested in this field, he asked?  She said she’s been fascinated by the effects the immune system have on the brain for over twenty years.
Read more


On the Path: Dan Moricoli’s Remarkable Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story 

Dan Moricoli’s Story 
I love Dan Moricoli’s story for a couple of reasons. For one, it demolishes the idea that chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) occurs to malingerers or “weak” people or people who somehow don’t fit in our modern world.  A business owner, internet MARKETER, motorcycle racer, skiing enthusiast, international  traveler and deep-sea fisherman Dan was using the modern world for  everything it had. Stress? He thrived in stressful situations.  He ate them for lunch. Then he suddenly got ill on a fishing trip – and that was it. Bam!  When he tumbled, he tumbled hard. Bye-bye went the health, bye-bye went the business, and later, bye-bye went the wife. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anybody. ME/CFS and fibromyalgia are equal opportunity diseases – they will take down the least of us and the most of us. They will take down people in superb physical shape.


The Higher Nature Pill Reminder App

My Supplement Manager
Keep taking the pills with our new app!
Ever forget to take your supplements or run out without warning? Then our brand new Pill Reminder App could be the answer!
Our new app has been designed to help you in managing your supplements and medications, with minimum impact on your daily life.
It will allow you to:

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And all this is with you, wherever you go!

This app is completely FREE and can be downloaded and installed onto your mobile device from the App Store on your iPhone, or Google Play on your Android Phone. Simply search for “Higher Nature Pill Reminder”.



Read more about it 
Click here to book 


Nicola's Note

Hello everyone, 
When the clocks go forwards, it's a great time of year, with longer days that are getting warmer.  At this time everyone feels lifted and we start making plans for things to do with what feels like extra time in the day. Coming up in sunny 
pril, World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on Saturday 25th, all our welcome to come along to this annual free event in Horsham Park.  
This is the 4th year we have held this event in Horsham, so please do join students across the globe to celebrate with us.  
Please browse over the April calendar here. 
Look forward to seeing you in class soon.
 Regards Nicola.


A personal  note from Vicky

As you know I’m going away on a cycling tour of Vietnam all classes will run apart from the YOGA on 30th March and the classes on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  I’m very grateful to Sharon, Heather and Kay for stepping in to keep the classes going for me. . . . . . . You may have noticed a lot of people taking to the streets running of late.  I do wish some of the ladies would get themselves decent sports bras as they can permanently damage the Coopers Ligament; check todays education session for more about that. The Brighton marathon takes place on 12th April.  Simon Edwards who attends the 6.30pm class on a Monday is running in aid of St Catherines Hospice. 
Education: The ‘bounce test’
Video of the week: The Mermaid.
Success Story: Jeni Webb



Don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight.  Going to bed a bit earlier than usual will compensate for lack of sleep time!
And finally, some timely thoughts.

I hope you have a blessed Holy Week



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